Software for Configuration, Performance Simulation & Total Cost of Ownership of Commercial Vehicles.

TruckScience Configuration Module lets you:
-Perform truck body design quickly
– Produce high quality calculations of axle weights quickly and confidently
Calculate & manage the distribution of weight of your vehicle
– Graphically configure the truck or combination that you need using our user-friendly interface. Then calculate axle weight distribution, maximum legal payload and turning circle for each configuration option.
Modify the Truck Body Design, build or load virtually in the software
– Allows you to understand clearly what works, what doesn’t, and what needs a little more tweaking to achieve the optimal payload for the client within the legal axle weights
Add your own models
– Select from a wide range of international databases to find the truck manufacturers and axle layouts you need. Or add your own customised options.
Simulate calculations with your exact vehicle setup
– Understand the effect of adding any body type, accessory or payload quickly using our weight distribution calculations. Identify the optimal positioning of axles or loads when adding a crane, fridge unit or taillift on the fly. See the results immediately onscreen.

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