SUPPORTING LOCAL SPORTS Sports software that takes the work and hassle out of running Amateur Sport

Sportlomo is working with local, amateur sport since 2000. Many of their sports are managed by a few salaried sports administrators and a raft of volunteers and coaches who give up their free time to coordinate their sport.
Sportlomo’s mission is to support these local sports by helping them to run their sport efficiently while reducing workload and saving time. (Their sports users estimate the software saves 15 hours+ per week.)
Sportlomo significantly cuts down on manual input as the system is highly automated. It doesn’t require you to be sitting in front of a computer all weekend (often the busiest time for administrators).
They have huge experience of working with volunteers, registrars, admin, coaches, referees, officials and National Governing Bodies in implementing the system. They understand how all the different levels work from NGB’s down to Clubs and how each level interacts.
Their platform is used to manage thousands of sports competitions from Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Canada, USA, Arab Emirates to New Zealand. The system is used by sports admin to manage sports data relevant to a million sports enthusiasts.
Their team is quite diverse and based in a number of countries (we speak over nine languages). Their headquarters is in Ireland.

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