Alternative Path to product commericalisation of catheter based medical devices

CrannMed is focused on commercialisation of catheter-based medical devices. We have an emphasis on finding innovative ways to add complementary products to existing portfolios within established medical device companies.

Our approach is to develop custom solutions for your portfolio gap. The product is prototyped and validated with a small team of engineers and clinicians before being launched from a robust quality and manufacturing partner. The project is funded by a one-time asset purchase and does not include ongoing royalty payments or licences.

Any company looking to expand their product portfolio will benefit from working with CrannMed. Adding to a portfolio through acquisition can be expensive and result in significant quality and operations remediation activity during commercialisation. In-house development can also be constrained by resources and yearly budget restrictions. CrannMed develops products using a small group of experts in an R+D environment. The product is brought to design freeze before commercialisation with some of the largest contract manufactures in the industry. The added benefit for our clients is the funding of the activity as a one-time asset purchase rather than going on R+D expense.

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